Wages for housewives: How can it be implemented?

by Sep 17, 2012

Minister for Child and Development Krishna Tirath is planning to introduce a bill that will compensate women for the effort that they put in the housework.

This proposal was floated by the Minister at a meeting for State Women, Child and Development Ministers. The Minister feels that this will give women a dignity for the labour they put in their household for 12-13 hours every day.

Minister for Women and Child Development Krishna Tirath.Screengrab from IBNlive

This proposal has received mixed reviews from several quarters. While many homemakers feel that this is a welcome move, experts are skeptical of how this proposed bill will be implemented.

Dr Ranjani Kumari, Director of Centre for Social Research, feels that unless the definition of the relationship between the employer and employee is made clear in the context of family ties, this bill will remain shrouded in a lot of teething problems. She also questioned how one could measure family relationships in economic terms.

The Minister is however confident of its implementation and has reportedly asked the Ministry of Statistics to come up with appropriate data on the number of housewives and other details related to the number of hours they put into their work.

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