Vilasrao Deshmukh set to get liver, kidney transplant

by Aug 14, 2012

Union Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, who is in critical condition in a Chennai hospital, is reportedly likely to get the liver and kidney from a driver who was killed in a road accident.

The minister, who has been in critical condition since being shifted to Chennai on 7 August, has been allocated the organs of  the 31-year-old driver, who was declared brain dead at the Government General Hospital in Chennai on Monday morning, a Times of India report stated.


Registered as a 'hyper-ultra emergency' case with the state cadaver transplant board, the minister will reportedly receive the organs after the blood group of the deceased driver was found to match that of Deshmukh's and the family of the victim was convinced to allow the harvesting of the organs.

Earlier the minister's son, Riteish, had reportedly been set to give a part of his liver for his father.

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had also attempted to assist the minister by asking the Gujarat health department to check if there was a cadaver transplant that was possible for Deshmukh.

Officials at Global Hospital said Deshmukh had a serious liver ailment but have not revealed exactly what he is suffering from. Doctors had said that organ transplant was possible only after his condition stabilises.

Liver specialist Mohammed Rela is attending to the former Maharashtra chief minister.

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