Uttar Pradesh rains: Two more dead, toll reaches 133

Jul 13, 2013

Lucknow: Two persons were killed in rain-related incidents in Uttar Pradesh taking the toll this monsoon in the state to 133.

According to the relief commissioner office in Lucknow, one life each were lost in Basti and Bahraich in rain-related incidents.

Incessant rains. AFP

Incessant rains. AFP

Met office in Lucknow said that light to moderate rain and thundershowers occurred at isolated places over west Uttar Pradesh and light rain and thundershowers were witnessed at isolated places over eastern part of the state.

Among the place that received highest rainfall are (in centimetres) Meerut-8, Mathura, Mawana and Hapur-3 each and Muzaffarnagar-2.

Meanwhile, Central Water Commission said that river Ganga was in spate in Fatehgarh flowing near the red mark and was rising at Ankinghat (Kanpur Dehat) and Kanpur.

Sharda continue to flow above the danger mark in Palia Kalan but was declining while Ghaghra was flowing above the red mark at Elgin Bridge, Ayodhya and Turtipar.

River Rapti which was flowing very close to the danger level all through the course has crossed the danger mark at Balrampur and Birdghat and was rising and Burhi Rapti was also flowing above the red mark at Kakrahi (Siddhartnagar).

Quano was flowing above the danger mark at Mukhlispur (Sant Kabirnagar).


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