Urge state govts to increase judiciary funds: CJI to HCs

Feb 27, 2013

New Delhi: Chief Justice of India Altamas Kabir has written to all chief justices of high courts urging them to persuade their respective state governments to double the number of subordinate courts and to increase the funds provided to the judiciary by the states.

Supreme Court. Agencies.

Supreme Court. Agencies.

He said while the Centre has been providing funds for the infrastructure and computerization of the subordinate judiciary, the state governments cannot avoid responsibility when the lower courts are their responsibility.

"The central government has been forthcoming by providing funds for infrastructure and computerization for subordinate judiciary. However, the state governments cannot avoid responsibility when primarily subordinate judiciary is the responsibility of the state governments.

"I, thus, urge you to strongly take up the matter with the state government so that the annual outlay by the state government for judiciary is increased. It is emphasised that the state government must be persuaded to agree to double the existing number of courts in subordinate judiciary, along with the necessary furnished infrastructure and ministerial staff, at the earliest," the CJI said in his letter to the CJs.

He also asked the high courts to take urgent steps to ensure that existing vacancies are filled up. Kabir said he has already written to the Prime Minister on February 21, on the issue.

He informed that he has accepted the recommendations of an advisory committee, headed by Justice P Sathasivam, which is overseeing the National Court Management Systems panel and had recommended doubling of the existing number of courts.


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