Two held for Assam girl’s gang-rape in Delhi

Sep 11, 2012

New Delhi: Two people, including a woman, were arrested in connection with the gang-rape of an Assam girl, said police on Tuesday.

Kishore and Sabina were arrested recently after the victim gave a complaint on 1 Sept  about being held hostage and raped in west Delhi last month, police said.

Courtesy: ibn live

The victim was allegedly sexually harassed over a week by four people in Khyala area of west Delhi.

The incident came to light when the victim succeeded in escaping from their clutches 1 Sept and reported the matter to police.

According to police, the victim came here three months ago.

"After the victim's medical report confirmed rape, Kishore and Sabina were arrested. A hunt is on to nab two other accused," said the officer.


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