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Twitter user asks how many Aadhar Cards for Ravana, UIDAI's epic reply leaves him dumbstruck

There has been a severe criticism of government's unique identification project, Aadhaar,  from activists and public policy experts with privacy rights groups alleging that Aadhaar infringes on individual's privacy.

There are many Twitter handles active solely dedicated to oppose the project and are called ‘anti-Aadhaar brigade'. One such Twitter handle called #DestroyTheAadhaar on Saturday got a befitting reply from none other than the official Twitter handle of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) when it tried to troll the latter.

The UIDAI wished its followers a Happy Vijayadashami on Saturday with an illustration of arrows piercing through ten-headed demon king of Lanka, Ravana from Hindu epic Ramayana.

The #DestroyTheAadhaar Twitter handle immediately jumped on asking the UIDAI as to how many Aadhar Cards should be given to Ravana since he has 10 heads.

The troll wouldn't have imagined that UIDAI would come up with a reply that would make it leave him dumbstruck. In a sarcastic reply, the UIDAI tweeted:

UIDAI's epic reply to the troll soon went viral. The tweet now has over six thousand likes and more than 4,900 re-tweets. Twitterati was quick to appreciate UIDAI's sense of humour and had a field day.

Published Date: Oct 01, 2017 20:16 PM | Updated Date: Oct 01, 2017 20:16 PM

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