Twenty-eight Indian sailors freed by Somali pirates

Mar 9, 2013

Chennai: India has secured the release of 28 of its sailors on two ships held by Somalian pirates and the freed men will be back in the country soon, union Shipping Minister GK Vasan said Saturday.

Speaking to reporters here, Vasan said: "Yesterday (Friday) 28 Indian sailors in two ships (MV Royal Grace and MT Smyrni) were freed. They will come back here and joint their families in few days."

Image for representation only. AFP

Image for representation only. AFP

He said the matter was handled by the Indian government in very discreet way so that the sailors are secured safely.

Vasan said the hijacking of Indian ships and holding of Indian sailors as captives by Somalian pirates has come to nil since May 2012.

According to him, around 260 Indian sailors were kidnapped by the Somalian pirates and India was able to secure the release of 236 of them.


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