Team Anna to go on fresh hunger strike for Jan Lokpal in December

Jul 25, 2013

Bareilly: Social activist and anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare today said a fresh agitation would be launched in Delhi to press for the passage of the Jan Lokpal bill by Parliament.

"Hunger strikes would be started for Jan Lokpal once again at Ramlila ground in Delhi from December," he said here during his ongoing Jantantra yatra.

Anna Hazare. PTI

Anna Hazare. PTI

"This time the slogan would be, bring Jan Lokpal or go out," he said.

Hazare said India Against Corruption would be renamed as Jantantra Morcha.

He said political parties do not give tickets to candidates to contest elections on the basis of character, but on the basis of money and muscle power.

"This is the reason there were 163 tainted MPs and 15 Ministers facing corruption charges," he claimed.

"Our fault is that we elect persons to whom parties give ticket and therefore, we are facing the consequences.

"We should resolve that we will not vote for goons and corrupt persons. Only then, a true democracy would be established," he said.

Hazare said his struggle was not limited to Jan Lokpal, but to "get democracy implemented in its true sense."


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