Six-year-old Mumbai children chained, made to clean toilets by teacher

by Mar 18, 2013

In an incident that points to the disturbing trend of teachers resorting to harsh physical punishments to discipline students, three 6-year-old children in Mumbai were chained by their school teacher for creating a ruckus. The students of the Dadar-based Antonio DeSilva school were also made to clean toilets as part of their 'punishment'.

Representative image. Agencies.

Representative image. Agencies.

According to a report on CNN IBN, the incident came to light when one of the students, who returned home visibly traumatised, was coaxed by his parents to tell them what had happened in school.

He revealed that they were chained and paraded in front of the entire school for being mischievous.

The parents of the students have lodged a complaint with the local police under the Juvenile Justice Act.

CNN IBN quotes:

"We have received a complaint of extreme humiliation and have registered a complaint under Juvenile Justice Act," DCP Dhananjay Kulkarni said.

The parents added that they had initially taken up the issue with the school authorities who chose to ignore them as the principal decided to back the teacher who committed the atrocity. However, when they didn't respond, the parents lodged a complaint with the police.


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