Pro Kabaddi League 2017: Full schedule, format, new teams and all you need to know about Season 5

After four blockbuster seasons, the fifth season of the Pro Kabaddi League will commence on Friday with an encounter between Tamil Thalaivas and Telugu Titans in Hyderabad.

Patna Pirates players celebrate after winning the PKL Season 4 title. Image courtesy: Pro Kabaddi League

Patna Pirates players celebrate after winning the PKL Season 4 title. Image courtesy: Pro Kabaddi League

This time around the league, which will run for 13 weeks, has 12 teams with Gujarat Fortunegiants, Haryana Steelers, UP Yoddha and Tamil Thalaivas joining the existing eight teams.

This time around, a zone system has been introduced with each team playing 15 intra-zone and 7 inter-zone matches, prior to the play-offs.

The play-offs will comprise three qualifiers and two eliminators. The final will be held in Chennai.

Zone A consists of teams like Dabang Delhi, Jaipur Pink Panthers, Puneri Paltan, U Mumba, Haryana Steelers and Gujarat Fortunegiants while Zone B will have teams like Telugu Titans, Bengaluru Bulls, Patna Pirates, Bengal Warriors, UP Yoddha and Tamil Thalaivas.


Here’s the full schedule of the tournament:

VenueDateDayTeam ATeam BTeam ATeam B
Hyderabad28-JulFridayTelugu TitansTamil ThalaivasU MumbaPuneri Paltan
29-JulSaturdayJaipur Pink PanthersDabang DelhiTelugu TitansPatna Pirates
30-JulSundayU MumbaHaryana SteelersTelugu TitansBengaluru Bulls
31-JulMondayRest day
1-AugTuesdayGujarat FortunegiantsDabang DelhiTelugu TitansUP Yoddha
2-AugWednesdayGujarat FortunegiantsHaryana SteelersTelugu TitansBengal Warriors
3-AugThursdayTelugu TitansPatna Pirates
Nagpur4-AugFridayBengaluru BullsTamil ThalaivasPuneri PaltanDabang Delhi
5-AugSaturdayU MumbaDabang DelhiBengaluru BullsUP Yoddha
6-AugSundayBengal WarriorsUP YoddhaBengaluru BullsPatna Pirates
7-AugMondayRest day
8-AugTuesdayGujarat FortunegiantsHaryana SteelersBengaluru BullsTelugu Titans
9-AugWednesdayBengaluru BullsBengal Warriors
10-AugThursdayPuneri PaltanJaipur Pink PanthersBengaluru BullsTamil Thalaivas
Ahmedabad11-AugFridayGujarat FortunegiantsU Mumba
12-AugSaturdayTelugu TitansUP YoddhaGujarat FortunegiantsDabang Delhi
13-AugSundayPatna PiratesUP YoddhaGujarat FortunegiantsJaipur Pink Panthers
14-AugMondayRest day
15-AugTuesdayBengal WarriorsPuneri PaltanGujarat FortunegiantsBengaluru Bulls
16-AugWednesdayHaryana SteelersTamil ThalaivasGujarat FortunegiantsTelugu Titans
17-AugThursdayDabang DelhiTamil ThalaivasGujarat FortunegiantsBengal Warriors
Lucknow18-AugFridayUP YoddhaU MumbaBengaluru BullsJaipur Pink Panthers
19-AugSaturdayTelugu TitansU MumbaUP YoddhaHaryana Steelers
20-AugSundayPatna PiratesPuneri PaltanUP YoddhaJaipur Pink Panthers
21-AugMondayRest day
22-AugTuesdayGujarat FortunegiantsPuneri PaltanUP YoddhaBengal Warriors
23-AugWednesdayHaryana SteelersDabang DelhiUP YoddhaTamil Thalaivas
24-AugThursdayUP YoddhaTelugu Titans
Mumbai25-AugFridayU MumbaJaipur Pink PanthersBengal WarriorsPatna Pirates
26-AugSaturdayPatna PiratesTamil ThalaivasU MumbaPuneri Paltan
27-AugSundayBengal WarriorsBengaluru BullsU MumbaDabang Delhi
28-AugMondayRest day
29-AugTuesdayBengaluru BullsUP YoddhaU MumbaGujarat Fortunegiants
30-AugWednesdayU MumbaHaryana Steelers
31-AugThursdayTelugu TitansTamil ThalaivasU MumbaJaipur Pink Panthers
Kolkata1-SepFridayBengal WarriorsPatna Pirates
2-SepSaturdayGujarat FortunegiantsHaryana SteelersBengal WarriorsUP Yoddha
3-SepSundayGujarat FortunegiantsJaipur Pink PanthersBengal WarriorsTamil Thalaivas
4-SepMondayRest day
5-SepTuesdayPatna PiratesJaipur Pink PanthersBengal WarriorsHaryana Steelers
6-SepWednesdayDabang DelhiBengaluru BullsBengal WarriorsU Mumba
7-SepThursdayTelugu TitansPuneri PaltanBengal WarriorsDabang Delhi
Haryana8-SepFridayHaryana SteelersPatna PiratesGujarat FortunegiantsUP Yoddha
9-SepSaturdayPatna PiratesU MumbaHaryana SteelersBengaluru Bulls
10-SepSundayBengaluru BullsPuneri PaltanHaryana SteelersTelugu Titans
11-SepMondayRest day
12-SepTuesdayBengal WarriorsTelugu TitansHaryana SteelersDabang Delhi
13-SepWednesdayTamil ThalaivasUP YoddhaHaryana SteelersPuneri Paltan
14-SepThursdayHaryana SteelersJaipur Pink Panthers
Ranchi15-SepFridayPatna PiratesTelugu TitansU MumbaGujarat Fortunegiants
16-SepSaturdayBengaluru BullsTelugu TitansPatna PiratesUP Yoddha
17-SepSundayJaipur Pink PanthersDabang DelhiPatna PiratesBengal Warriors
18-SepMondayRest day
19-SepTuesdayPuneri PaltanHaryana SteelersPatna PiratesBengaluru Bulls
20-SepWednesdayPatna PiratesTamil Thalaivas
21-SepThursdayJaipur Pink PanthersHaryana SteelersPatna PiratesUP Yoddha
 Delhi22-SepFridayDabang DelhiU Mumba
23-SepSaturdayBengaluru BullsBengal WarriorsDabang DelhiPuneri Paltan
24-SepSundayBengal WarriorsTamil ThalaivasDabang DelhiHaryana Steelers
25-SepMondayRest day
26-SepTuesdayGujarat FortunegiantsTamil ThalaivasDabang DelhiPatna Pirates
27-SepWednesdayTelugu TitansJaipur Pink PanthersDabang DelhiUP Yoddha
28-SepThursdayBengaluru BullsU MumbaDabang DelhiTelugu Titans
Chennai29-SepFridayTamil ThalaivasPuneri PaltanGujarat FortunegiantsPatna Pirates
30-SepSaturdayPuneri PaltanUP YoddhaTamil ThalaivasJaipur Pink Panthers
1-OctSundayJaipur Pink PanthersBengal WarriorsTamil ThalaivasU Mumba
2-OctMondayRest day
3-OctTuesdayDabang DelhiGujarat FortunegiantsTamil ThalaivasTelugu Titans
4-OctWednesdayU MumbaHaryana SteelersTamil ThalaivasUP Yoddha
5-OctThursdayTamil ThalaivasBengaluru Bulls
Jaipur6-OctFridayJaipur Pink PanthersGujarat FortunegiantsWild card match
7-OctSaturdayWild card matchJaipur Pink PanthersU Mumba
8-OctSundayWild card matchJaipur Pink PanthersPuneri Paltan
9-OctMondayRest day
10-OctTuesdayWild card matchJaipur Pink PanthersDabang Delhi
11-OctWednesdayWild card matchJaipur Pink PanthersHaryana Steelers
12-OctThursdayWild card match (Jaipur Pink Panthers)
Pune13-OctFridayPuneri PaltanGujarat FortunegiantsBengal WarriorsTamil Thalaivas
14-OctSaturdayTamil ThalaivasPatna PiratesPuneri PaltanU Mumba
15-OctSundayBengaluru BullsUP YoddhaPuneri PaltanDabang Delhi
16-OctMondayRest day
17-OctTuesdayPuneri PaltanHaryana Steelers
18-OctWednesdayPatna PiratesBengaluru BullsPuneri PaltanJaipur Pink Panthers
20-OctFridayTelugu TitansBengal WarriorsPuneri PaltanGujarat Fortunegiants
Mumbai22-OctSundayZone A (2nd)Zone B (3rd)Zone A (3rd)Zone B (2nd)
23-OctMondayZone A (1st)Zone B (1st)Winner of Eliminator 1Winner of Eliminator 2
Chennai26-OctThursdayRunner UP Yoddha of Qualifier 1Winner of Eliminator 3
Chennai28-OctSaturdayWinner of Qualifier 1Winner of Qualifier 2

Published Date: Jul 27, 2017 01:58 pm | Updated Date: Aug 23, 2017 08:10 am

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