Post attack, Lt Gen Brar to be shifted to safer location

Oct 3, 2012

New Delhi: The Centre will soon relocate Lt Gen (Retd) K S Brar, who survived an assassination attempt in London, from Mumbai to an undisclosed location and upgrade his security.

Reviewing the security of Brar, who had led the Operation Bluestar against Sikh militants in Golden Temple in Amritsar in 1984, Union Home Ministry officials said no communication had been received from the Army about his travel plan.

The officials said an immediate need was felt for relocating the Army official as his present location had been exposed to Khalistani terrorists. The security of Brar, who was Major General during the Operation Blue Star, is also likely to be upgraded to Z-plus category from the existing 'Z' category.

Lt Gen KS Brar. PTI

Brar, 78, and his wife were attacked by four youth near Hyde Park in London on Sunday night.

There has been a spurt in the activities of Khalistan terror groups like Babar Khalsa International in the recent past abroad and intelligence agencies suspect the plot to attack the highly-decorated officer was planned in Germany.

"There have been reports that the attack on Gen Brar was planned in Germany on June six on Bluestar operation anniversary. We are ascertaining the facts," a security official said.

Last month, Intelligence Bureau chief Nehchal Sandhu had said that due to the external support, "terrorist groups, including those focusing on Punjab and neighbouring states, are likely to pose a challenge.


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