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Police shoot at stunt bikers in Delhi, one killed

A young man was shot dead and another injured after an altercation took place between a biker gang and the police on Parliament Street in New Delhi. According to CNN IBN, Delhi Police intercepted a group of 30-40 youngsters performing dangerous stunts on the road in the wee hours of Sunday. When the police asked the youngsters to stop, a fight broke out between them.

Image used for representational purposes only. AFP.

Image used for representational purposes only. AFP.

According to DNA, the police tried shooting at the tyres of one of the bikes. However, the bullet hit Karan Pandey, who was riding pillion, on the back. Another youth Puneet Sharma was also injured. The duo was rushed to a nearby hospital where Pandey was declared dead. Doctors also said that Sharma was drunk.

CNN IBN adds that the police has said that even after repeated warnings, the drunken bikers continued with their stunts and jeered at the police. The police then fired one shot at the air and then targeted the tyre of one of the bikes. Because the vehicles were moving, police said, the shot hit Karan in the back.

DNA reports:

A police patrolling van reached Windsor Place after there were reports that some 30 young bikers were performing dangerous stunts. When the policemen instructed them to stop, the bikers started pelting stones at them, which damaged the police vehicle.

The Delhi Police had recently announced stringent action against biking gangs in Delhi, some of who have reportedly robbed individuals and shops. This police intervention was meant to be a part of the spate of new measures taken to pull a plug on these biking gangs.


Published Date: Jul 28, 2013 02:30 AM | Updated Date: Jul 28, 2013 14:35 PM

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