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'Organised gang' spreading clip on social media: Singhvi

Spokesperson for the Congress party Abhishek Manu Singhvi today alleged there was an organised gang which was spreading a video clip, supposedly showing him in a compromising position, over social networks despite a court restraint against media houses from distributing it.

The Congress spokesperson has not addressed the media this week. PTI

"An organised gang has been purposely used by motivated interests to use the social sites for sensationalism and permanent damage," Singhvi said in a statement issued today.

"This can happen to anyone and if this lawlessness is allowed to continue as it is, we all will be consumed shortly," he said.

Singhvi had earlier filed a case with the police and approached the Delhi high court against his former driver and media houses, seeking a court restraint against the publication of a CD which contained a video clipping of him in a compromising position. Following the court order, the former chauffeur and Singhvi had said that they had resolved the issue amicably between them.

The Congress spokesperson, who is also a senior lawyer, had earlier alleged the CD containing the clip was fabricated and morphed.

While there were reports that Singhvi might not address the media on Monday, another Congress official said there was no change in schedule presently.

Earlier Singhvi had avoided addressing the media citing ill health but had later attended another meeting.

Published Date: Apr 21, 2012 13:51 PM | Updated Date: Apr 21, 2012 14:31 PM

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