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Now, N Murali scores a self-goal for The Hindu

More schisms in The Hindu now come to the fore.

Last week, it was director and former executive editor Malini Parthasarathy’s turn. “This is why some of us didn't like the tenor of our ad campaign. TOI turns us, the market leader into a follower,” tweeted Malini Parthasarathy, reacting to an advertisement released by competitor Times of India, themselves reacting to an ad for The Hindu. Firstpost’s view on the exchange can be found here.

Next, N Murali, former managing director of The Hindu, made matters worse – by suggesting that The Times of India was (by innuendo) a better newspaper than The Hindu, reinforcing his opinion with an example of the 2G coverage.

Image courtesy:The Times of India

“This year, while many newspapers are reporting high, single-digit growth in advertising revenues, unfortunately The Hindu will show at best, “marginal growth” or “stagnating” advertising,” says Murali.

In the context of this performance, Murali says that, instead of “mocking at the competition” (through the advertising), it would have been better “to look inward”.

Murali takes the print campaign apart, referring to this ad in particular:

‘To me, it’s a cruel joke, because while the biggest scam of independent India was unfolding, The Hindu took a very soft line and had very limited coverage, non-critical coverage, whereas The Times of India covered it critically and comprehensively,” Murali says.

Watch the video here :

Published Date: Feb 06, 2012 15:35 PM | Updated Date: Feb 06, 2012 16:07 PM

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