Norway kids row: Uncle should get custody, says Child Welfare Service

by Mar 29, 2012

Norway Child Welfare Service has recommended that uncle Arunabhash Bhattacharya be given care of the two Indian children in custody row case.

The kids have been in Norwegian foster care since May 2011. IBNLIVE.COM

The final decision will be taken on 17 April. If the court agrees, the uncle will be allowed to take the two kids Abhigyan and Aishwarya back to India.

"The court hearing on 17 April. We will get an approval from the court and the kids' uncle Arunabhash will get the custody. There is only a theoretical chance that court will turn this down," the NRI couple's lawyer Svein Svendsen said.

The kids have been in Norwegian foster care since May 2011 with the Norwegian child services worried about their safety. The two were expected to return to Kolkata within days, but may now continue to live in Norway.



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