No delay in taking action against Togadia: RR Patil

Feb 8, 2013

Mumbai: Refuting charges that there was any delay in taking action against Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Pravin Togadia for his alleged 'hate speech' last month, Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil said today that a case was filed after the Nanded Superintendent of Police found objectionable content in his speech.

"We have sought legal opinion so as to take further action against him (Togadia). We seek legal opinion because we don't want to crush anybody's freedom of expression," Patil told reporters here.

Praveen Togadia. AFP.

Praveen Togadia. AFP.

He said, whenever there are instances of hate speeches, the concerned police officials scrutinise the statements and if necessary, a case is filed. "In this case too, the Nanded police found objectionable content in his speech and accordingly registered a case.

The investigation officer will decide whether Togadia should be arrested or not," he said.

Patil said that the government would not tolerate anybody making inflammatory speeches and sowing seeds of hatred between communities.


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