Mumbai shocker: 4-day-old baby girl found in Santacruz dustbin

by Feb 8, 2013

Residents of Mumbai found  a four-day-old girl in a trash can in Santacruz last evening after hearing her cries.

The infant was taken to VN Desai hospital and later to Sion hospital. The baby girl was initially thought to be 10 days old but on medical examination it was found that she was just 4 days old.

Her condition is stated to be serious, but she is out of danger, said reports.

Image used for representative purpose only. Reuters

Image used for representative purpose only. Reuters

A source from Vakola police station told Mid Day that someone had seen a woman, possibly the mother, dumping the child inside the garbage bin at Seva Nagar near Milan subway.

Senior inspector Rajendra Singh Pardesi of Vakola police station said, "We have some leads and hope to arrest the offender soon. The baby is in good health and has been admitted to Sion hospital." Police said that they are looking for eyewitnesses to the incident to trace the baby’s parents.

Police have registered a case under section 317 (exposure and abandonment of child under 12 years by parent or person having care of it) of the Indian Penal Code against unknown persons.

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