Mumbai cops find salary accounts hacked, money withdrawn abroad

by Jun 14, 2013

In a particularly bold move, hackers reportedly targeted the salary accounts of Mumbai police personnel with many of them complaining that unauthorised transactions have been made from their bank accounts.

According to a CNN-IBN report, the Mumbai Police is still trying to ascertain the scale of the incident and the number of accounts of its personnel that have been hacked into. However, another report said the number of accounts hacked could be 25  to 30 in number.

The Mumbai Police has been caught flatfooted in incident. Reuters

The Mumbai Police has been caught flatfooted in incident. Reuters

The accounts were all reportedly with Axis Bank and the worried cops have asked them for a report on the incident. The police are also likely to file an FIR.

The money from the accounts was reportedly withdrawn from ATMs abroad, though which country is not known presently.

NDTV reported that the money had been withdrawn as euros from ATMs in Greece.

Police officials said that they suspect that the debit cards of the police officials may have been cloned here and the data used to carry out the transactions.

The police has also formed a team headed by a Deputy Commissioner of Police to probe how the unauthorised access took place.


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