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Mathematics exam or third degree torture? Lok Sabha takes up issue, CBSE responds

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On 14 March, Class XII students who appeared for their CBSE mathematics examination were upset, afraid and worried — why? The mathematics paper was termed one of the toughest in nearly a decade.

Social media has been abuzz with complaints against the difficult mathematics question paper since the day of the exam. The students were so distressed by the paper that a petition was created on, addressing the chairman of the CBSE, citing that the paper was "unreasonably difficult" and "the lack of direct questions and the papers ridiculous length left many students in tears, despite the hard work that they put in for an entire year." As many has 3,400 people have signed the petition so far. Sahil Jangra commented on the petition saying, "I didn't think that am gonna write IIT JEE paper...It was hell tough (sic)." Vishruta Vijay wrote, "Cbse ruining normal lives. Studying is a process of learning, not torture night and day."

According to a PTI report, as many as 240 petitions have been posted on and 25,000 people have signed them in support. The biggest petition, with 12,500 signatures, was started by a student from Guwahati. "CBSE has broken the dreams of several students by setting a paper which was meant for IIT aspirants. This year CBSE Maths Paper was tough as well as long and has made several students cry. CBSE should come out with a statement immediately to take care of their mental agony which will help them to concentrate on their next exam," said the Guwahati petition starter in this petition. Other petitions were started by students from Kolkata, Chennai and other cities including Thrissur.

Image Courtesy: Change.Org

Image Courtesy: Change.Org

The Hindu reported that not many questions were from the NCERT textbooks, but other guides. In India Today's analysis of the question paper, it can be ascertained that the paper was also not set according to the marking scheme, where lengthy, time-consuming Calculus questions were for four marks, instead of six. Matter raised in the Parliament In India, we take exams seriously, very seriously. The matter was also brought up for discussion in the Lok Sabha by KC Venugopal (Alaphuzha, Congress). "Concepts such as Linear Programming and Matrices which have generally got easy questions over the years had tough questions this time. Every question was tricky, as a result of which many of the students found it tough to finish the paper on time. In fact, many students including the top scorers in schools were crying after the examination," he said in the House.

Representational image. PTI

Representational image. PTI

SR Vijay Kumar (Chennai Central) also chimed in with support. Other MPs such as NK Premchandran (RSP) also said that the questions were "very difficult". Venkaiah Naidu, Parliament Affairs Minister said that an inquiry should be made and that CBSE would look into the matter with some remedial measures, reported Economic Times. NDTV quoted the minister as saying, "This is a matter concerning students and their future... It deserves inquiry. I will convey it to HRD minister." The government also favoured a probe into an alleged report claiming that the question paper was leaked. Deputy Chief Minister of New Delhi, Manish Sisodia also penned a letter to Smriti Irani — "Mujhe puri ummeed hai ki bacchon ko is nirasha se nikalne ke liye aap uchit aur shighr kadam uthayengi (I hope that you will find a solution for alleviating students' distress in an appropriate and timely manner)."

Manish Sisodia's letter to Smriti Irani. Image Courtesy: Twitter/@RizwanAzim1

Manish Sisodia's letter to Smriti Irani. Image Courtesy: Twitter/@RizwanAzim1

CBSE reacts  Smriti Irani shared a response from the Press Bureau of CBSE.

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First Published On : Mar 17, 2016 16:06 IST

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