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Live: Kanhaiya Kumar's lawyers approach Delhi HC, SAR Geelani's bail plea dismissed

Feb 19, 2016

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Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students' union leader Kanhaiya Kumar on Thursday moved the Supreme Court for bail. In his application, the JNUSU president sought protection of "life and limb", saying there is "great likelihood of attack on him in prison".

The bail petition, which was filed in the Supreme Court on Thursday said:

" light of the highly violent and surcharged atmosphere at the patiala house courts, posing a grave threat to the life of the petitioner, his counsels and possible sureties."

The petition was filed under Article 32 of the Constitution. Kanhaiya's plea says that the way he was harassed when he was taken to the Patiala House Court (twice) is in clear violation of fundamental right to access to the justice system. "This Petition therefore raises issues regarding the violation of rights under Article 21."

Senior lawyer Raju Ramachandran filed the bail petition on behalf of Kanhaiya on Thursday. ANI quoted Ramachandran as saying, "Now Soli Sorabjee will lead us." Kumar's mother Meena Devi also raised concern for her son's security in prison and slammed the attack on her son in the Patiala House Court premises and questioned who will be responsible if he dies in custody.

"I am not a terrorist's mother. I know it will be proved some day but until then if my son dies in custody, who will be responsible for it? They can call Kanhaiya a threat to nation but cannot protect him from other threats?" his mother Meena Devi told PTI from Bihar over phone.

"What if he had died that day and it was proved later that he was innocent? Will the government give me my son back then? They acted so fast on complaint against my son but they haven't arrested anyone for the attack on Kanhaiya in court," she added.

Here is the full text of the bail petition filed by Kanhaiya Kumar.

Kanhaiya Kumar v. State of NCT of Delhi

First Published On : Feb 19, 2016 16:31 IST

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