Live: India, Pak indulge in blame game, downplay LoC trade issue

by Jan 10, 2013

The violation of the ceasefire that resulted in the deaths of two Indian soldiers has prompted speculations that the talks between the two nations could be derailed.

While the Indian authorities have summoned their Pakistani counterpart and lodged a strong protest over the incident, there has been no other action taken so far.

Should talks between the two nations be disrupted by this incident? AFP

Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has offered to seek for a third party probe into the incident, but India has stayed mum on the topic and hasn't lodged a protest with the United Nations over it despite calls from some quarters to 'name and shame' its neighbour.

The US has urged India and Pakistan to resolve the issue peacefully and has refrained from making a comment on the issue for now.

We track the latest developments in the matter:

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