Live: Cops should deal matter with sensitivity, says Cong after core group meet

by Dec 25, 2012


The condition of the young woman brutally raped worsened Monday, as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urged the nation to pray for her and vowed to check "monstrous" crimes against women.

A day after violence in the city centre left scores of civilians and policemen injured, calm returned to the capital even as hundreds continued to protest demanding strict action against the rapists.On Sunday, the protests, largely by students, saw hooligan elements mingled in the crowd uproot wooden poles erected for the 26 January Republic Day event and set them afire at five places. For all the photos click here.

Security forces Monday sealed off all roads leading to Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate, causing huge traffic jams, while Delhi Metro shut nine key stations to prevent demonstrators easy access to the capital's heart.

Here are the latest updates and developments:

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