Kumbh tragedy: Mela in-charge Azam Khan blames TV channels

Feb 12, 2013

Sambhal (UP): Urban Development Minister Mohammad Azam Khan, who resigned as in-charge, Kumbh Mela, has blamed the news channels for creating panic in the aftermath of the stampede.

The crowd at the Kumbh. AP.

The crowd at the Kumbh. AP.

"The death of two persons after falling in drain was run as breaking news by channels saying that deaths took place due to stampede in Kumbh... Due to this news, people started moving to the railway station following which pressure increased there," Khan told reporters here last night.

As there was no proper arrangement of announcement system at the station, confusion prevailed there, he said. Khan further said that he was ready to resign as a minister, too, if laxity of any of the departments he is heading comes to the fore.

"I have no interest in continuing as minister if responsibility of departments I am looking comes to the fore," he added. Cabinet Minister Mohammad Azam Khan had yesterday resigned as the in-charge of Kumbh Mela in which 36 people were killed in the stampede.



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