Kolkata lawyers file contempt petition against Mamata

by Aug 16, 2012

Calcutta High Court lawyers have filed a contempt petition against West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee following her allegations of corruption against the judiciary yesterday.

"We have questioned what message did the CM want to convey to the society through her comments?" one of the  lawyers who filed the petition against the Chief Minister.

The lawyer said that the high court would review the footage of the Chief Minister making the statement before deciding its future course of action.

Banerjee had said that the judiciary can be 'bought' and the process of justice can be manipulated, on Wednesday.

“Many times favourable verdicts are given in lieu of money. Why should that happen. This is very unfortunate,” she said.

While making these comments, Banerjee had said that she might be sent to jail on grounds of contempt of court, however, that would not stop her from speaking her mind out.

Lawyers have filed a contempt petition against Mamata Banerjee.

The WB chief minister, who seems to have a predilection for running into controversies, drew a lot of flak for criticising the judiciary. Former judge of the Supreme Court said it was 'unbecoming' of a person of her status to make such irresponsible remarks. Opposition parties and ally Congress too didn't spare her for turning on the judiciary.

The court will decide on the petition.

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