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#JNURow hijacked by Photoshop: Kanhaiya Kumar's photograph was NOT morphed; we've got proof

So, the media now tells us that Kanhaiya Kumar wasn't actually standing in front of a map of a divided India.

Reports poured in on Friday about how the image being widely circulated — depicting the JNUSU president apparently addressing a group while standing in front of a map of a splintered India — was morphed. Yeah, right!

Doesn't the naive, brainwashed, corrupt and paid media know a cover-up when it sees one? Besides, why would anyone have to morph an image of that awful awful anti-national man?

Luckily, Firstpost is on hand to set the record straight, after laying its hands on previously unseen photographs of Kanhaiya.


Here he is at Disneyland, saying anti-national things, no doubt:



And then he went to St Petersburg, presumably to meet his commie friends and spew more seditious bile:



Oh! And then he went to the Forbidden City, where he was lauded by the locals as a hero for his attacks on Bharat Mata. His proposal for JNU to be a Beijing-administered province is still under consideration:



In between, there was still a bit of time to join Metallica onstage to provide guest vocals. The song? Seek and Destroy, obviously:



After some serious globe-trotting, Kanhaiya decided to return home to bury daggers of hate deep into India's heart — Dadar Railway Station:



And finally, he turned up at the Firstpost office. Nothing to see here.


Published Date: Feb 19, 2016 15:39 PM | Updated Date: Feb 19, 2016 16:03 PM

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