J&K shooting: 4 dead, BSF braces for massive protests

Jul 19, 2013

Following the death of four protesters in Jammu's Rambam districts, the BSF is bracing itself for massive protests in the valley.

This comes even as  IG Rajiv Krishnan denied desecrating the Quran and held 'anti-national' elements responsible for inciting people,which led to the violent protests.

The Border Security Force in Kashmir had fatally shot four villagers on Thursday and wounded 25 others. The villagers were were protesting the alleged desecration of the Muslim holy text by the border guards, police said.

A man injured during the BSF shooting in J&K. AFP.

A man injured during the BSF shooting in J&K. AFP.

Krishnan alleged that the BSF personnel has stopped a 25-year-old youth as he was behaving suspiciously and asked him for identity proof.

The youth, reportedly, starting arguing with the forces and soon a mob gathered around the personnel. Sensing trouble, the BSF men say they backed off.

However, a statement by the BSF said that Mohammad Latif, the youth, then spread rumours about the BSF tearing up the Quran which led to the protests.

According to The Times of India, there are several versions of the incident doing the rounds.

While some say that the BSF men ransacked a school, beat up a teacher and tore up a Quran, others allege that the security personnel entered a mosque a created a ruckus over the loud recital of prayers.

While Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde has promised strict action, the security forces are bracing for massive protests, especially as it is the Ramzan month.

TOI reports that security has been beefed up in Ramban and other districts nearby. The Amarnath Yatra, which is routed through Ramban has been disrupted with the security forces preparing to deal with several waves of protest.

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