Jaitley call records case: Two private sleuths arrested

by Feb 19, 2013

Two more persons, both private detectives, have reportedly been arrested in connection with illegally obtaining the call data records of senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley.

The two persons arrested in connection with the case have been identified as Nitish and Anurag and are both private detectives, according to a report on ibnlive.com.

Who knows why: There has been no word on why the data was being taken. PTI

Who knows why: There has been no word on why the data was being taken. PTI

With these two arrests the number of people arrested in the case has gone up to four.

The case came to light with the arrest of 32-year-old constable Arvind Dabas on 14 February on charges of attempting to access the BJP leader’s call data records (CDRs) by using the official email ID of an ACP to send a request to a mobile service provider.

Another private detective was earlier arrested in the case for allegedly paying the constable to obtain the data regarding the BJP leader.


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