Italy accepts Indian court’s jurisdiction in fishermen killings

Mar 26, 2012

Seoul: Italy has accepted the jurisdiction of Indian courts in the case of two Italian marines shooting dead two Indian fishermen off the Kerala coast, Indian sources said here on Monday.

"Italy has now acknowledged that there is a process underway (in Indian courts) and that they have to work within that," the source told reporters here after a pull-aside meeting between Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Italian counterpart, Mario Monto on the sidelines of the March 26-27 Nuclear Security Summit here.


The response came on a question whether Italy had finally accepted jurisdictional issues in relation to the 15 February incident. Italy has hitherto maintained that the issue should be resolved under international law since the incident occurred in international waters. India disagrees, saying the shooting took place in its waters.

India-Italy ties have been strained ever since two Italian marines shot dead two fishermen off the Kerala coast last month, mistaking them to be pirates.

The marines are currently in jail in Kerala.


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