Is Delhi safer for women now? No, say experts

by Jan 17, 2013

After a month of the horrific gangrape and sexual assault on the 23 year paramedical student in Delhi, has the security situation in Delhi improved for its women citizens? Do women feel any more safer?

No, said Ruchira Sen, member of the SFI, JNU. Speaking to Rajdeep Sardesai on a late night discussion on CNN-IBN, she said, "There are barricades every 500 metres. But that does not ensure safety for any women, at least not in the stretch that is not lit properly."

Has the security for women improved? AFP

According to Kiran Bedi, things have not improved because the various authorities entrusted with the task of safety and security of women are not working in tandem. She said, "Policing cannot happen in isolation. Do we see the Delhi government changing? It needed all of them working in tandem. We have not synergised enough on this issue."

She also asked, "Where are the thousands of youth civil defence personnel?  Where are the NCC cadets? The CM could have a stake in the police."

What are the measures one can take to expedite the process of ensuring safety for women?

According to Vinay Tewari, Managing Editor of CNN-IBN, it is the nitty gritty that will improve the security situation in Delhi. He said, "Have the Lieutenant Governot and the CM met? Has the audit of CCTV cameras been done? Has the complete list of public vehicles been provided?"

"Instead of throwing big words, we need to focus here. The moment the anger is reduced, the nitty gritty will help solve the issue," he added.

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