India, US to hold war games in Sept-Oct

May 24, 2013

New Delhi: Armies of India and the US will hold war games on both sea and land during an amphibious exercise in Belgaum and Trivandrum in September-October.

The war games codenamed Shatrujeet are expected begin in mid-September and continue till October in Belgaum in Karnataka and Trivandrum in Kerala where the two sides will practice amphibious manoeuvres, Army officials said in New Delhi.

Military exercise. Image courtesy Indian Army

Military exercise. Image courtesy Indian Army

The American side would be represented by the Third Marine Corps Expeditionary Unit and its warship USS Harper Ferry.

USS Harper Ferry is a landing platform deck of the US Navy and has the capability to deploy tanks and armoured personnel carriers along with troops from sea to the shores.

India would also deploy its amphibious warfare assets including BMPs in the war games.

The Indian Army has turned one of its divisions in the southern part of the country capable of fighting in amphibious conditions.


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