Hospital sweeper severs infant's finger, police don't register case

In yet another shocking incident of negligence, a sweeper in a Rajasthan hospital accidentally cut off the finger of an infant while attempting to remove stitches on the child's hand. While the hospital sacked the sweeper, the police is still to register a case against him despite complaints from the child's family.

The incident took place in a hospital in Barmer district where the parents of the year-old infant had been taken him for treatment.

According to a CNN-IBN report, the incident took place when the sweeper decided to attend to the child's injury while the doctor and nurse from the hospital were absent.

The doctors were unable to re-attach the child's finger. Image courtesy: ibnlive

The doctors were unable to re-attach the child's finger. Image courtesy: ibnlive

"We had discharged the child as per the parent's request, but after the discharge they wanted to take out the stitches that were there in the child's hand. They were in a hurry and so the sweeper who was sitting nearby told them that if they were in a hurry he could take it out for them," the hospital's Chief Medical Officer (CMO) was quoted as saying.

"When the sweeper was attempting to take out the stitches, the child suddenly jumped due to the pain and due to that his finger got stuck in the scissors," he said.

The sweeper, however, failed to notice it and cut the finger off and reportedly even threw it away. It could not be found by doctors later.

The child's father said that the hospital's CMO had not responded to his complaint and the police wasn't helping him either by registering a case against the sweeper.

Published Date: Apr 09, 2013 11:22 AM | Updated Date: Apr 09, 2013 11:22 AM

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