Guwahati molestation: Police nabs two more

Jul 15, 2012

Guwahati: Police have arrested two more suspected culprits from the group that publicly molested and stripped a teenage girl in the main city of Assam last Monday, even as investigations are on to probe charges by an activist that a television journalist had instigated the crowd to go after the victim.

Team Anna member and Assam's farmers' leader Akhil Gogoi on Saturday produced before the media six video clippings of the 9 July incident and alleged that a journalist of a Guwahati-based news channel (Gaurav Jyoti Neog, a reporter with Newslive channel) for instigating the mob to strip the victim in public.

Guwahati molesters. PTI

Akhil had submitted the clippings to the Assam DGP and said he would provide the raw video footage of the incident, if required.

"We have arrested another two people, who were also involved in the crime on 9 July. The two—Diganta Basumatary and Nabajyoti Deka—were arrested. We are raiding places to trace the other culprits," said a senior police official.

"We are also looking at the video footage submitted by the activist. We are going to take action against the particular journalist if there are evidences that the he had instigated the mob to go after the victim and molest her," said the official.

Assam Police also formed a special team to carry out the investigation regarding the molestation case.

Meanwhile, the National Commission for Women team, who arrived in Guwahati to investigate into the incident on Saturday, also pointed loopholes on the part of the police while dealing with the incident.

The two member team of the Commission will meet Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Sunday.


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