Gujarat floods:17,000 shifted in Bharuch after release of Narmada water

Aug 26, 2013

Ahmedabad: Around 17,000 people from the low-lying areas of 30 villages of Bharuch district and old Bharuch city have so far been shifted to safer places, as the release of water from Narmada dam due to heavy rains have increased the water level.

"Close to 17,000 people from the low lying areas on the banks of Narmada have been shifted to safer places after release of water from Narmada dam which has swelled the river. The rains has now stopped and siutation is likely to get better," Bharuch collector Avantika Singh told PTI.

Gujarat floods. IBNLive.

Gujarat floods. IBNLive.

"The water level is receding quickly now. It has come down to 30 feet on Golden Bridge from 36 feet, which has been reopened for traffic," Bharuch collector Avantika Singh told PTI.

The Golden Bridge in Bharuch was shut down for traffic. She said that people would be sent back to their villages only after cleanliness drive in the affected villages.

So far, five persons have died due to rain-related incidents, she said. Three persons, who had gone to see water at Sardar Sarovar dam, died after they slipped while two persons were electrocuted to death.
Meanwhile, all the people from Narmada district, who were shifted to safer places, have been sent back to their villages. "In Narmada district, 1,500 people, who were relocated, were shifted back to their respective villages after the water level started receding," Narmada Collector Rakesh Shankar told reporters.


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