Government to start afresh on anti-corruption measures

Nov 26, 2012

New Delhi: After failing to get a favourable response, the government has decided to start afresh its effort to review the country's fight against corruption through a self-evaluation study as part of a mandatory obligation under a UN convention on graft.

Official sources said the Ministry of Personnel will soon issue an Expression of Interest (EoI) seeking nominations from interested agencies to carry out a study by independent experts.

Representative image. Reuters

The Ministry had in May invited entries for the study as part of a compulsory requirement after ratification of the UN Convention Against Corruption, an international legal instrument to check graft.

The UNCAC was ratified by India on 9 May, 2011. The offer, which was initially made on May 9, seeking feedback from concerned agencies within a month had to be extended following slack response.

Later in October, the government was decided to close the EoI as it failed to elicit response from a minimum of three qualifying applicants.

"The Ministry is also considering to give the job to law students on an open nominations basis," an official said.

As per the EoI, the task of the selected firm would be to find out whether Indian domestic laws are fully or partly compliant or non-compliant with the UN Convention.

The selected agency would be also mandated to interact with Ministries of Home Affairs, External Affairs, Law & Justice, Corporate Affairs and Central Vigilance Commission and CBI to gather inputs or clarifications while meeting requirements laid down under the UNCAC.

India is among the 160 nations which have either ratified or acceded to the UN Convention Against Corruption.


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