Geetika suicide case: Key points of chargesheet against Kanda

Oct 7, 2012

Key points of a chargesheet filed in a Delhi court on Saturday against the former Haryana minister Gopal Goyal Kanda in Geetika Sharma suicide case:

* Geetika's rapid promotions, without having any qualifications, and the unusual direction to report every day to Kanda clearly showed that he had evil designs.

* Kanda was extending undue favours to Geetika with the intention of entrapping her.

* Geetika was retained and rapidly promoted with hefty increase in salary and appointed in senior position, even though she had studied only up to Class 12 and had absolutely no experience or knowledge of either the hotel business or managing company affairs.

* Investigation revealed that while 11 people were recruited with Geetika in 2006 in MDLR Airlines, all of them left on their own or were removed by the company before it suspended operation Oct 5, 2009.

Gopal Kanda. PTI

* Kanda tried to contact Geetika while she was doing graduation and even went to meet her at an examination centre in the disguise of a Sikh, either on May 24, 2010 or June 3, 2010, as recalled by Geetika's mother.

* In pursuance of... the criminal conspiracy, a forged no objection certificate (NOC), dated May 22, 2010, was got prepared by them (Kanda and his associate Aruna Chaddha) and issued to Geetika.

* This NOC bore the signature of Rajiv Kumar Parashar, who was not on the payroll of Kanda's company.

* Geetika was undergoing a traumatic experience of going through an abortion for which Chaddha had accompanied her. She was also facing false allegations of forgery, cheating and fraud when she was forced to resign from her (new employer) Emirates Airlines.

* By sending forged and false emails, Kanda created an atmosphere of suspicious and distrust around Geetika and she was not able to hold her head high and face her colleagues.

* Geetika rightly feared that she would be viewed with suspicious and distrust by her colleagues, friends and future employers and became extremely distressed and depressed and, therefore, chose to end her life by hanging herself.

* Geetika resigned from the company of Kanda to save her dignity but he threatened her mother that he would recreate the same set of circumstances.

* Her mother told her that Kanda was threatening to register a false police complaint against her at Gurgoan, and publicise the fact

* Email details of Geetika, Kanda and Chaddha revealed that the suicide victim was being forced to rejoin MDLR.


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