Ex-army chief VK Singh lashes out at government for lack of border security

Sep 1, 2013

Former army chief VK Singh has lashed out at the government on its handling of border security and ceasefire trespasses. He also pointed out, in his interview with IBNLive, that his allegations of corruption in the armed forces have not led to any developments.

VK Singh. PTI image

VK Singh. PTI image

Singh said that the opportunistic steps - in the forms of ceasefire violations, border attacks, Myanmar army incursions - must be stopped, and blamed the government's lack of resolve.

These are attacks by opportunist neighbours, we are not firm and we must be. We must make it clear that they can't take us for a ride," Singh said.

He also blamed the government for being soft on terror issues. "We must make clear that they can't take us for a ride. The overall handling by the government has not been good," he said.

 Singh went on to deny that he would be running on a BJP ticket for the elections in 2014.
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