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Did rape convict Bitti Mohanty get VIP treatment in Alwar?

Rape convict Bitti Mohanty has reportedly received 'VIP treatment' in Alwar, Rajasthan where he has been taken under police custody. Mohanty, reportedly spent the night in an air-conditioned guest house room instead of a prison cell. This, reportedly at the cost of the Alwar Police, reports CNN-IBN.

Kerala Police also questioned Bitti Mohanty's father BB Mohanty, in Cuttack. There was a delay in questioning him as investigating officers did not get the necessary clearance from the Kerala DGP.

Bitti Mohanty. PTI

Bitti Mohanty. PTI

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Mohanty's identity was established after Kerala Police matched his finger prints and examined records. A five-member team of Kerala Police matched his finger prints in Jaipur jail today, said Jaipur police commissioner B L Soni.

“The team collected evidence and matched his finger prints which verified that the person in their custody is Bitti Mohanty,” Soni said. The team of Kerala Police, which arrived in Alwar yesterday and came here today, will go back to Kunnur tomorrow, the officer said.

The team had examined records in Rajasthan’s Alwar jail which also established Bitti’s identity. “Those who were in the investigating team of the rape case in Alwar also identified Mohanti,” the commissioner said.

Published Date: Mar 16, 2013 16:38 PM | Updated Date: Mar 16, 2013 16:38 PM