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Determined Anna says he will die for Lokpal

With a renewed surge of support for the Team Anna protest over the weekend, Anna Hazare who joined a fast unto death swore that he did not mind dying for the cause of the country.

"My team had told me not to fast citing health reasons. When over 400 people are on fast, I cannot ignore them and not be on fast. Yesterday also my team appealed to me not to fast but I am sitting on fast from now. I consider I have your permission", said Anna to a crowd of around 6000 people who gathered at Jantar Mantar on Sunday.

"The government is alleging that we are deviating from our aim but it is the government which is moving away from its path. Our main demand is to get the Jan Lokpal Bill passed. Till all the 15 corrupt ministers are sitting in Parliament, the Lokpal Bill will not be passed," he said.

"I am ready to sacrifice my life for the cause," Hazare added.


The renewed appearance of the crowds that had evaded the protest venue last week has been a great source of encourgement for Team Anna, who have been battling suggestions that the movement has lost touch with the people, and lacked the focus that caused it to capture the nations imagination last year.

Team Anna member Kiran Bedi has in particular taken to social media to battle against suggestions that the Team Anna movement had lost momentum.

According to Bedi, even tough the novelty of the fast has gone, the situation is not hopeless.

“I agree the novelty is gone because its the fourth time Anna has gone on a fast. Anna has become more predictable.But its not a hopeless situation. Now people will look for an opportunity to settle the score,” Bedi said in an interview to CNN IBN.

If the fast fails this time, Bedi said, it can lead to larger national movement which the government will find difficult to face.

Published Date: Jul 29, 2012 20:30 PM | Updated Date: Jul 29, 2012 20:30 PM

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