Delhi rape: Hospital offers free treatment to victim’s friend

Jan 7, 2013

New Delhi: The friend of the Delhi gang-rape victim was today offered "full comprehensive treatment", including psychiatric counselling, by a leading city hospital.

Fortis Healthcare, which has hospitals across the National Capital Region, said it was ready to offer treatment free of cost to the software engineer, who was also attacked by the six men who allegedly gang-raped his 23-year-old friend.


The offer comes in the wake of suggestions that the male friend, who is the only witness to the brutality inflicted on the paramedic student, should be given psychiatric help to overcome the tragedy.

"Fortis Healthcare will provide full comprehensive treatment to the young man till he recovers. The course of treatment will be decided after our doctor's examine him," Jasbir Grewal, Executive Vice-President of Fortis Healthcare, said.

Since the incident had aroused the consciousness of the nation, the hospital would like to assist the man in whatever way it could medically, Grewal said.


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