Delhi hospitals get new govt guidelines for examining rape victims

Jan 25, 2013

New Delhi: The Delhi government has come up with new Medico Legal Case (MLC) guidelines for prompt response by hospitals to examine sexual assault victims, an official said on Friday.

The guidelines were framed following the gruesome gang-rape of a 23-year-old woman on 16 December in Delhi. The woman died of injuries after 13 days.

Protests over the Delhi rape. Agencies.

Protests over the Delhi rape. Agencies.

It was felt that the entire step by step procedure must be made smooth and hassle-free in order to undertake MLC examination of victims and ensure their privacy," said a Delhi government official.

"Various hospitals are being directed to identify a separate room for examination of the sexual assault victims," he added.

"The hospitals are also being directed to provide proper furniture, basic equipment and adequate stock of sexual assault forensic evidence kit in the specified room itself," he said.

The Delhi government has expressed confidence that the new guidelines would ensure due care and proper MLC examination of sexual assault victims.


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