CAT 2012 results are out, 10 students get 100 percent

by Jan 9, 2013

The results of the 2012 Common Admission Test (CAT), which is held for  management courses at IIM's, were declared on Wednesday. Candidates can log in to the CAT website to see their results. Currently the site appears to be giving a 404 error and might take time for some to load. This could be because of heavy traffic.

According to a Economic Times report, Ten students have got 100 percentile scores, of which one is an undergraduate science student at Delhi University while the others are from engineering.


Over 2.14 lakh aspirants registered for the test, of which about 1.91 lakh appeared for the computer based test conducted in October-November 2012. The test was conducted over 21 days across 36 cities in India.

The IIMs will announce their admission dates once the results are declared.

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