Bus conductor molests 4-yr-old in Mumbai, booked for rape

by Jan 19, 2013

The bus conductor who allegedly  sexually assaulted  a four-year-old nursery student in a moving bus in Juhu, Mumbai,has been arrested and sent to police custody till 1 February, CNN IBN reported today.

The girl was sexually assaulted on Tuesday afternoon. Being the last to be dropped home, she was the only student in the bus when the conductor allegedly raped her.


Even though all school buses need to have a teacher or adult representative of the school escorting the children home on buses as Supreme Court regulations, a  Times of India report said no woman attendant was present on the bus at the time of offence. The school however, has maintained that a female attendant was very much present and it was she who stopped the conductor.

The victim told her parents about the attack a day later.

The police caught the conductor  on Thursday and booked him  for rape and molestation under the Indian Penal Code and invoked several sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012, the TOI report said.

A PTI report however clarified that there was no rape or attempt to rape.

We are rectifying our mistake," city Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh said.

"Section 376 IPC (rape) was applied in this case by mistake and we are contemplating to remove it with the permission of the court," Mumbai police spokesperson Ambadas Pote said.

A case was registered against Rajput after medical check up of the victim.

The bus driver's statement has also been recorded, police


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