Bizarre catch! Fishermen net cash in Guwahati swamp

by Jun 25, 2012

In a stroke of luck, few fishermen in Guwahati today made a surprised catch when they discovered a bag of filled with Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 denominations, taking the local people by surprise.

As the news spread like wild fire, people from different parts of the city rushed to the swamp at Chachal in Guwahati to try their luck. However, with the water body overflowing due to the incessant rain, only the brave hearts jumped into the water to catch hold of the floating currency notes.

People search for currency notes after 500 and 1000-rupee-notes were found floating in a swamp at Chachal in Guwahati on Monday. PTI

Some even came prepared with fishing nets to check deep into the swamp for the wet currency notes.

"People are throwing away the fishes and collecting the money," an elated man said, brandishing the Rs 1,000 note, he found.

Even as the police arrived they are still to figure out the source and the amount of money.

"Earlier only single notes were floating. Just now at 4.30pm, a man discovered a bundle of Rs 1,000 notes," a person said.

The road leading to the swamp is at present thronged by thousands.

Many people are also on the banks of the swamp, enjoying the festival-like situation, at a time when the flood has ravaged many parts of the state.

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