Bigamy, new enemy for army: May terminate three officers

Nov 25, 2012

New Delhi: Taking a strong view, the army is in the process of terminating the services of three of its officers found guilty of marrying more than one woman.

Two Majors and one Captain are in the process of being terminated from service for marrying more than one woman and indulging in bigamy, sources said in New Delhi.

Bigamy threat. AFP

The senior-most officer to be terminated is from the Infantry and was a Company Commander in the 17 Rajput regiment. The decision was taken after it was found that he remarried soon after his official marriage, they said.

The other two officers belong to the non-fighting arms of the force including Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (EME) and Army Medical Corps (AMC).

The EME officer is a Captain aged below 25 years and has married twice.

Sources said in most of such cases, the officers are involved in some love affair prior to their official marriage and due to certain compulsions, have to marry other woman or women.

"In Armed Forces, if personnel laws of the individuals permit second marriage without divorcing the first wife, it can be done after taking permission of the authorities concerned," former army legal officer and senior advocate Colonel Balachandran said.


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