Bangalore shocker: Woman rescued after being locked up by parents for 5 years

by Jun 5, 2013

A woman has been rescued from her parents’ home by Bangalore police on Tuesday, who acted after they received a tip-off that the woman had been tortured and kept locked up by her parents for years.

Conflicting reports have emerged since the woman in question is not able to speak because she is “traumatised”, according to the police and she has been taken to the National Institute of Mental Health and Sciences.

"I am hungry. I am tired. I cannot speak properly right now," the woman told reporters after her rescue.

Unwashed, with long uncut nails and matted hair, CNN-IBN said the woman had been identified as Hemawati and she was 35-years-old. The woman had reportedly been kept confined for the last five years in a small room at her parent's residence.

The police reportedly received a tip-off after neighbours reported hearing the woman scream all of Monday night.


Hemawati’s parents have reportedly denied these allegations and have told the police that their daughter was mentally ill after an attack of paralysis that occurred five years ago, and was bed-ridden since then.

They also insisted that they had attempted to get her treated at two different city hospitals.

The neighbours have offered differing accounts.  Some have reportedly said the woman was “normal”, and that she had had a job as a chartered accountant. Others allege that the daughter was in a relationship.

The neighbours alleged that her parents were opposed to the relationship, and when their daughter revolted she was confined to a room, and not given clothes to wear in case.  she attempted to escape.

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