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Bad news for Mumbaikars: Expect April heat in Feb!

After a couple of weeks of pleasant weather and even chilly evenings, it is time for Mumbaikars to sweat it out. The Met Department has said that the city may face April like heat in the month of February, and indeed the last three days have been sultry.

Mumbai may face warm weather for the next few days. AFP

Mumbai may face warm weather for the next few days. AFP

While the mercury has breached the 35-degree Celsius mark, the weather department said however, that the city may be in for another cold wave shortly reported the Times of India.

A cursory glance through the Indian Meteorological Department website shows that the temperature on Friday is at 35-degree Celcius and it predicts that Saturday it will be a little less than that at 33-degree celcius.

The Times of India reports that the met department, however, said that conditions are favourable for the country to have another cold wave soon.