Assault on cop by MLAs: Chavan promises strictest action

Mar 19, 2013

Mumbai: Condemning the beating up of a police officer by some MLAs within the Assembly premises, Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan today said that based on the investigations into the incident strict action will be taken against those guilty.

Talking to reporters, the chief minister said that it was a "reprehensible" act which had never happened in the state legislature before and strictest action would be taken against the guilty.

Maharashtra Chief Minister  Prithviraj Chavan. Image courtesy PIB

Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan. Image courtesy PIB

About possible action against the guilty MLAs, he merely said that "criminal action and disciplinary action are two different things and will be known tomorrow".

He said that top cops of the state police met him to discuss the matter but did not divulge details of the meeting.

He, however, said that the concerned police officer has the right to file an FIR.

In democracy, there can be different points of view, but nobody has right to take law into their hands and resort to violence. A detailed enquiry is on and video footage is being examined, he said.


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