‘Ashis Nandy’s remark at JLF indirect attack on Muslims’

Jan 27, 2013

Jaipur: After groups affiliated to OBC, SC and ST communities, a Muslim outfit today joined the bandwagon by criticising renowned sociologist Ashis Nandy for his controversial remark at the ongoing Literature Festival here.

Newly-formed Azmat-E-Rasool foundation alleged here that the author's comment, in which he purportedly said that people from OBC, SC and ST communities were the "most corrupt", is an "indirect attack" on the Muslim community.

"Nandy made comment against ST, SC and OBC. Many of the minority communities are under OBC so it is indirect
attack on minorities," said Paikar Farukh of the foundation. He demanded legal action against Nandy and the
organiser of Literature Festival and threatened a protest in the evening.

Nandy speaking at the Jaipur Literature Fest. Image courtesy ibnlive

Nandy speaking at the Jaipur Literature Fest. Image courtesy ibnlive

"The remark of Nandy is highly condemnable. He intentionally hurt sentiments of ST, SC and OBC people by accusing them of being most corrupt and we support protest of ST and SCs against him," he said.

He alleged that the festival was promoting Western culture and executing the agenda of Western and corporate
world.  "Freedom of expression does not allow anyone to attack other communities and hurt sentiments, but in the name of freedom of expression the authors and the organisers are repeatedly violating the law," he said.

Foundation chairperson Habib Khan Garnet alleged that the organisers conferred award on author Jeet Thayil to
"tease" Muslims.  "Thayil was among the four authors who read from the banned book 'The Satanic Verses' of Salman Rushdie last year and hurt our sentiments, and for this he was awarded the Prize by the organisers," he alleged.

Thayil was awarded DSC Prize for South-Asian Literature, carrying a prize money of $ 50,000, for his debut novel
"Narcopolis" on Friday.  "His selection for the prize was to tease us," he alleged.

Nandy had kicked up a storm with his comments that people from OBC, SC and ST communities were the "most corrupt" at a session yesterday.  Besides sharp reactions, an FIR was lodged against him at a local police station.

Amid protest and demand for his arrest, Nandy has left the city.


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