As Jats demand reservation, Hisar in Haryana remains tense

by Mar 7, 2012

A 20-year old was killed allegedly due to police firing yesterday. Screen grab from CNN-IBN

The situation was tense in the Hisar district and nearby areas of Haryana with protests by the Jat community continuing after the death of a local resident allegedly due to police firing yesterday.

The victim, identified as Sandeep (22)  a resident of Mayyar village, was killed allegedly when police personnel opened fire on a mob. Five persons were injured.

The incident took place when members of the community were protesting against the police for detaining Jat leaders and
rounding up agitators squatting near the railway track at Ramayan village on Monday night.

The community has been holding protests for the last few weeks demanding OBC (other backward class) quota in government jobs and educational institutes.

Protestors set fire to the car of district judge Raminder Jain, near Mirchpur when he was travelling towards the Jind area last night, police said.

Educational institutes were declared closed for three days as a precautionary measure though students giving board exams would not be affected, police officials said.

The Delhi-Hisar highway was also closed to traffic with vehicles being directed to alternative routes.

CNN-IBN reported that the Army could be called in to bring the situation under control.

Last year too, one agitator had died during the Jat stir in Hisar.


Watch video:

with inputs from PTI

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