Anonymous pulls down Supreme Court of India, Congress websites

In an operation named “MT Operation India”, hackers Anonymous took down The Supreme Court of India ( and All India Congress ( websites for at least a couple of hours on Thursday, according to a report on

While the Supreme Court's website has been restored, the Congress's website is still down.

Reportedly, Anonymous gave the following reasons in their tweet for hacking the two Indian websites: Internet Censorship, this take down comes after the website like Vimeo, PirateBay etc have been blocked by most of the Indian ISP on government request.


The website also put up Anonymous's tweet:

Anonymous Operations @Anon_Central

Namaste #India, your time has come to trash the current government and install a new one. Good luck. | #SaveTPB #Anonymous #Censorship
17 May 12

The blockage reportedly started in the morning and within hours the two websites were taken down by Anonymous.



Published Date: May 17, 2012 17:00 PM | Updated Date: May 17, 2012 17:47 PM

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